• Brouwerij Martens, as a family run company, has been brewing beer for over 255 years, and it prides itself on this rich tradition. For eight generations, we have made maximum professionalism our trademark, supplying our customers with products of excellent quality. Our company is shaped by our rich history, and our passion for our customers and products inspires us.

    Every day, our actions are defined by innovations in new technologies, processes and products.


Brouwerij Martens is awarded three gold medals by a prestigious international testing centre.

Brouwerij Martens was recently awarded three gold medals, rewarding the excellent brewing quality of the assessed beers. The medals were presented by the beer experts of the DLG testing centre. DLG, which stands for Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (German Agricultural Society), conducts tests according to the highest quality standards and is recognised throughout Europe.

The experts tested the quality of 800 beers! The stability of the head, the taste, colour, and purity of the beer were assessed among others. Our beers succeeded in winning over the experts, resulting in three gold medals for the best quality.


  • Belgian craftsmanship
  • An ultra-modern brewery with the lowest carbon footprint in the world
  • A real family business with the eighth generation at the helm
  • A brewing heritage and tradition that goes back to 1758
  • Extensive portfolio and packaging options
  • Custom-made beers and packaging
  • The power of innovation
  • Real business partners

Enjoy our new commercials

Enjoy our new commercials

Brouwerij Martens

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